Yacht Life Boat Show 2023 started

Yacht Life Boat Show 2023, which was held for the first time this year, started at Antalya Anfaş Fair and Congress Centre.
Yacht Life Boat Show brought together 1500 exhibitors and 350 companies at Antalya Anfaş Fair and Congress Centre. Antalya Governor Hulusi Şahin, Coast Guard Antalya Group Commander SG. Lt. Col. Tolga Coşkun, IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Chairman Tamer Kıran, Antalya Chamber of Shipping Chairman Ahmet Çetin and sector representatives attended the fair.

The fair will grow rapidly

Speaking at the opening of the fair, Governor Şahin stated that Antalya is a city of fairs. Referring to the importance of the Yacht Life Boat Show fair, Governor Şahin said, “This yacht fair was one of the exhibition gaps of Antalya. I believe that Yacht Life Boat Show will grow very quickly and become one of the most important and effective fairs in Turkey. Because Antalya has such a potential. Yacht production is carried out in the Free Zone in Antalya and Antalya has recently been getting a very large share of this cake. Antalya has a great momentum not only with yacht manufacturing but also with its sub-industry. We will grow the yacht industry with all its elements in our Antalya and Turkey.”

We have big goals in the second century

Emphasising that Turkey has big targets in its second century, Governor Hulusi Şahin said: “There is a great added value that Turkey will get from the maritime and yacht sector. We have big targets in Turkey’s second century. We expect 500 billion dollars of exports and 1 trillion dollars of foreign trade volume. For this, we need to double what we are now. We are at 250 billion dollars, and we have broken records and reached these figures, we need to increase this even more.”

Turkey is taking giant steps

Stating that Turkey has reached an important place in the defence industry and international maritime transport, Governor Şahin said: “Turkey is taking giant steps. It is moving towards important points in the naval defence industry. We have pioneering companies in this field. Very good works are being done in Tuzla and Antalya. We are also at a very good point in civil shipbuilding.”

After the speeches, Governor Şahin and protocol members visited the fair area and made inspections. Yacht Life Boat Show, which brings together the most up-to-date and important developments of the maritime world with visitors, will be open to visitors between 16-24 December.