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SP Consultores y Servicios is formed by the team of the former Spanish MacGregor which, at its origin, was part of the public Shipbuilding Group Astilleros Españoles and operated from their Seville Shipyard. Later on, between 1986 and 1992, those experts were transferred to MacGregor-Navire, and following the closing of this company at Seville, they started their own venture to continue with similar activities.

Today, SP is a private, firmly consolidated company, having reached the status of leader in the supply of Cargo Acces Equipment to the Spanish Market. The wide Reference List shows customers of different countries, from highly demanding International operators to domestic shipowners who handle services between the Spanish mainland and the islands and territories outside the Iberian Peninsula. Customers especially appreciate SP’s ability to carry out conversions at a record time, due to the quick-response capacity of their light structure.

Full use of modern computer-based technology is made, both for planning and logistic purposes, and for detailed calculation of the structural and cynematical parameters of the equipment.

The structure of SP has the typical features of any modern industrial company, where the control of the processes is kept in-house (by the Commercial, Technical, Procurement, and Production Departments), while the products are manufactured and installed by outside contractors, according to SP drawings, technical data and quality standards, and under constant SP engineers  supervision.

Furthermore, SP’s CAD instruments provide the ideal interface with shipyards designers’ department do that integration of its technical solutions into the ship’s design is available at an early stage.

ISO 9001-2008 Certification has been awarded to SP by Bureau Veritas (Certificate no. ES024288).