Rapp Bomek is back in the maritime market

Rapp Bomek is back in the maritime market. Rapp’s roots in the maritime industry date back over 100 years and for the last 30 years we have designed, developed and manufactured fire doors of the highest standard for the offshore industry.

In recent years, Rapp Bomek has carried out product development on doors and hatches for the maritime market. New high-quality sliding doors and hinged doors have been developed with pneumatic and electric control systems that meet current fire requirements, and which stands in relation to rough maritime weather and environmental conditions. Rapp Bomek provides interior and exterior doors and installation and “supervisory” services.

Rapp Bomek delivers parts and systems to existing products and today has exclusive sales and distribution in the Norwegian market on control systems from AP Marine and MVM at the same time as they have developed their own systems and adapted solutions related to functionality to create reliable and stable doors for rough relationship.

Rapp Bomek looks forward to further close dialogue with players in the maritime market – along the Norwegian coast and internationally.